Ana Esteve Reig


SLIDE 2013

Video FHD, 8 minutes, color, sound

Slide is a single-channel video that reflects the failures of a utopic society?, as an idealized projection throughout history. Starting from the complex interaction between the Cidade da Cultura and a group of social skaters, Slide emphasizes the need to create new utopias – not from private dreams, but from collective desires. Institutions and peripheries are joined in a fictional shoot in Museo Gaiás, as the only form of managing the path towards the future is pondering the uncertain. The skaters move through a tunnel and the Museum’s halls, walking along the path that the architect Peter Eisenman had supposedly devised to transport works of art. The spaces are empty as they are not in use. This video displays how this great architectural project is in disuse, highlighting a possible future for this space – where young skaters occupy the monumental and institutional.

Idea, production, direction, light, camera operator, edition: Ana Esteve Reig and 
Alejandro Ramírez Ariza
Cast/ performers: Jorge Alonso Fernández, Cristina Alonso Fernández, Paula Deaño, Fernando Fernández Páez, Manuel Castro Quintans, Juan Edelstein, Yonathan & David, Noel Corrales Perez, Aarón Fernández Ferneira, Anxo Villaverde Villa, Pedro Carrillo Escariz, Javier Saavedra Vázquez, Alvaro Couselo, Pedro Morales, Pablo Lopez-novoa, David Quintela, Javier Mosquera, Samuel Calvo Toboada.
Filmed in Cidade da Cultura, Santiago de Compostela, Spain.
Thanks to Cidade da Cultura, Carmen Menéndez Montero and Carlos Delgado Mayordomo.

Written, directed and produced by Ana Esteve Reig
All rights reserved © Ana Esteve Reig

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