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El Oráculo 2016

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Duelo, 2010

La Expectativa, 2009

Haltung, 2009

Other works

The Oracle performance is composed of two works: a performance and an audio work.

The performance was exhibited on May 2017 in Salon, Madrid, an independent art space.

The audio is taking part on the exhibition Circuitos in Barrón Space, Oviedo.




Audio mp3 and wav, 5 minutes 39 minutes.

The text of the audio is made with all questions that Ive recieved when I opened in my website an online Oracle during the month of May in 2016 to prepare the script of "The Oracle" video. For it, I selected just 18 questions, but in this audio are all of them without restrictions. The voice that reads the anonymous questions Ive received, is a digital voice called, "Jorge", and is the voice that Anonymous Spain uses in each video and announcement. The point of this work are not the answers anymore, the important issue is the different and peculiar questions. If you would have the opportunity, what would you have asked?



A seer, tarot cards, a black fabric, two chairs, a

table, projector, dvd.

The Oracle performance was a new work

thought to be developed and performed in

Salón, an independent art space in Madrid. The

fictional video “El Oráculo” was the start point

to create a real oracle. The visitors had the

chance to make questions about the future of

the art and a seer answered them. Just them

know the answers, it was a private tarot query


Photos by Guillermo Gumiel