Ana Esteve Reig


Lucky Images, 2024

Video FHD, color, sound, 8' 5''

"Lucky Images" is a video that explores both the power of images and the visual potential of technology itself, in this case, Artificial Intelligence, since it was created with it. The entire work revolves around the desire to see images or visual phenomena that bring us luck or can announce positive changes in our lives. In this case, Artificial Intelligence functions as a "magical" tool that simulates these images in front of the viewer's eye to offer the possibility of achieving that luck. The fact that the images are not real, but created by a machine, does not diminish the "credibility" of being witnesses to the visualization of these visual phenomena. In this case, we are witnesses to images that we do not know how to categorize since they are in a limbo between simulation, reality, and the digital.

AI accompanies us as a voice-over throughout the video as a guide reflecting on the countless hours we spend searching for and looking at visually pleasing images. However, some of them possess magical, uncommon qualities that can deeply impact us, leading us to actively seek them out. AI is presented as a visualizer simulating three magical and specific phenomena: shooting stars, rainbows, and the famous green flash. As the video progresses, we encounter a succession of shots that aim to shorten the path of the search for luck in order to visualize these phenomena that will have a positive impact on the viewer's life. Viewers will assess whether it works or not.
The video is presented as a magical catalyst for luck.

The images and voice-over have been produced with Artificial Intelligence (Runway).

Direction, script, edition: Ana Esteve Reig
Translation: Mónica Escartín
Sound: Damián Schwartz
Graphics: Marta Ochoa

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