Ana Esteve Reig



Agres, Spain, 1986.

She studied Fine Arts at the Complutense University of Madrid. In 2008 Esteve Reig moved to Kassel, Germany, where she studied Freie Kunst in the Kunsthochschule Kassel. She made a postgraduate year as Meisterschülerin of the teacher and artist Bjørn Melhus. Since then her work was focused on video, becoming it as her art medium by excellence. She currently lives and works in Madrid. She has won prizes such as the Injuve 2011 in Visual Arts, the 2014 Young Award Accesit, 2017 Circuitos and the BBVA Multiverso Videoart 2017 Scholarship. Her work has been exhibited in London, Kassel, Berlin, Madrid or Vienna and in museums such as the Kasseler Kunstverein Museum and at the Moca Museum in Taipei, Taiwan.


My work observes the construction of social archetypes and human behavior. I work (almost) exclusively in video, creating actions that dramatize popular experiences and collectives. I am interested in fiction, cinematographic/televisual characters, popular culture, rituals and virtual reality as points of reference to examine the position of the individual within society. I observe how fictions (literary, cinematographic, popular, digital) contribute to the construction of our shared reality. My latest projects explore fiction as an essential layer to understand the real, and the role of social networks and virtual reality.

Each video I create is the product of immersive research into the audiovisual representation of stories and parallel realities, in which the locations, performers, set, script and editing are selected and worked out in a meticulous way.

Actually I am very interested in fiction as a fundamental layer to understand the real, also going through social networks and virtual reality.