Ana Esteve Reig


Fantastica TV 2014

During a two-month residency in Madrid, I researched the genre “telebasura”, a Spanish term used to describe non-fiction TV programs perceived to be “junk” (tele-basura = TV-garbage). Programs that would be classified as “telebasura” are ones which disobey journalisms’ ontological codes and diffused negative values, such as reality and talk shows. Within this category, I discovered that “reality television” is a subgenre which documents unscripted situations and actual occurrences, and often features a previously publicly unknown cast. This genre often highlights personal dramas and conflicts to a much greater extent than other unscripted television genres such as documentaries.
Reality television is a relatively new genre that plays between reality and fiction, without actors and scripts. The audience becomes a voyageur that observes the everyday life and conflicts of common people.

During the residency , I built a Big Brother Stage in my artist studio and let participants live there for a period of time. I filmed some situations within the “house” and interviewed the winner. We filmed a segment titled “Why yes, why not?” in the studio to conclude “Big Brother” on Fantástica TV, while disussing the project with two respected Spanish art critic and curators, Luis Francisco Pérez and Jaime Lavagne.

Written, directed and produced by Ana Esteve Reig
All rights reserved © Ana Esteve Reig

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