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Olimpiadas 2012

3 minutes 45 seconds

Filmed and edited in Kassel, Germany

Idea, direction, editing: Ana Esteve Reig

Camera: Benjamin Brix

Singer: Cristina Losada Sarmiento

Olimpiadas with english subtitles:

This work is an observation of the current situation, specifically European. From a Spanish point of view, I have analyzed social hierarchies and conflicts, economic and cultural, as well as stereotypes. It portrays a specific moment in the European oligarchy. In the video we see a fictional Olympiada in which different countries compete, in this case we see Spain competing in something that might be called "singing in German."

Currently certain economic systems dont,t work longer and others are been imposed, but can we follow models that have a different history behind (Hintergrund)? Can Spain follow the German model? Can be imposed cultures or ways of being?

In the video a girl will sing a song called "We're not crazy" from Ketama, a song that became very popular in Spain after the crisis of 92. The lyrics of the song has a kind of hedonistic and stereotype atmosphere that represents the idea of spanish or latin people, an idea that unfortunately has projected Spain by the crisis.

The only ones who could understand the lyrics could be spanish immigrants (in Germany) or people who knows the language of German, and the Germans of course, but they will notice that it sounds strange for them (Fremd).

The lyrics of the song I have translated myself and I decided to leave the grammatical mistakes (in german and in the subtitles)

The spanish lyrics are from the song "We're not crazy" which is sung in German in the video.


No estamos locos

que sabemos lo que queremos

vive la vida

igual que si fuera un sueño

pero que nunca termina

que se pierde con el tiempo

y buscaré, oye pero buscaré


Me desperté esta mañana

y empieza de nuevo un día

después de una borrachera

me he tomado una manzanilla

voy en busca del Camborio

que se lo fuma en Arguila

tengo que tranquilizarme

me desmadro todos los días



We are not crazy

we know what we want

live life

As if it would be a dream

but it never ends

lost over the time

and I seek, hear, but I seek


I woke up this morning

and start again one day

after a binge

I drank a chamomile tea

I'm in search of Camborio

He smokes in Arguila

I have to reassure

I freak out everyday