Ana Esteve Reig


New Era (1.996)

3 Channel video installation, FHD, color, stereo sound, spanish

8 minutes 48 seconds

NEW ERA (1.996) consists of an audiovisual project that reflects upon the laws, rights, and freedom within the internet, based (based?) on the Manifesto on the Independence of Cyberspace by John Perry Barlow, published in 1996.
The relevance of the virtual world and cyberspace in this technological age, emphasizes the existence of a parallel reality.
New Era (1.996)” ponders on the impact of the internet in our daily lives, as well as how we are using it and composing its use. I would like to recall John Perry Barlow’s statement made twenty-three years ago to emphasize that the same issues are relevant today: the importance of the exchange in a place of freedom that can be inhabited and shared by all outside the political systems and economic that exists in the real world (maybe insert actual statement in English). J. Perry was ahead of his time in anticipating the magnitude and the potential the internet would behold. The statement evidently has social and political connotations about the value of freedom, respect and the exchange of information that should take part within the network, as well as alerting the potential censorship and data control.

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Direction: Ana Esteve Reig

Performer: Carla Paucar
D.o.p : Jaime Venegas
Camera assistant: Hugo Prieto

Script: Maria Plamenova
Sound: Igancio Pardo
Producer: Ana Esteve Reig
Production assistant: Gustavo Ruiz
Original soundtrack: Da Rocha

Written, directed and produced by Ana Esteve Reig
All rights reserved © Ana Esteve Reig