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Other works

El documental de Dalila, 2016

HD Video, 16:9, color, sound

25 minutes.

Idea, direction, camera operator, sound, edition, postproduction:Ana Esteve Reig

Protagonist: Dalila Virgolini

Music: Dalila Virgolini

Extras: Eva Casanueva

Technical assistance: Arantxa Boyero

This video has been possible thanks to the full cooperation of Dalila Virgolini.

It is also the result of a collaboration between the Master VIDEOLAB of Contemporary Audiovisual Creation and The cinema Márgenes Festival.


In this film we meet Dalila Virgolini, a girl who has managed to become known through social networks. From her home and intimacy she tells us how she is dealing with a double parallel life, the real as an employee and the virtual as a celebrity. We push out into the freedom that social networks supply to construct the other one we would like to be. It reflects on topics like dreams, fame and the construction of our own image in the new digital era.