Ana Esteve Reig

Down the rabbit hole 2020

New Era (1996) 2020

La Pantalla Mágica 2018

La voz digital 2018

Fitness 2018

Performance El Oráculo 2017

El Oráculo 2016

El documental de Dalila 2016

Lessons 2015

One Meter 2015

Fantástica TV 2014

No concept 2014

Después de Nunca Jamás 2014

Slide 2013

La Consulta 2013

Olimpiadas, 2012

Don´t believe in me, 2012

Futuro Inmediato, 2012

Blancanieves, 2012

Paraísos Perdidos 2011

Bad Romance, 2010

Encierro, 2010

Duelo, 2010

La Expectativa, 2009

Haltung, 2009

Other works

One channel video, FHD, color, stereo sound.

"Down the rabbit hole" is an english expression that refers to the story of Alice in Wonderland.normally it is used to express the feeling you have when you start to delve into something new, unknown, confusing and strange, especially when the ending seems unpredictable. So it is compared to a rabbit hole. It is also used to describe "the journey" experienced if you consume certain drugs or, for example, in science fiction, when we enter a new portal.

My video is titled like this because when I filmed this footage while we were living the Covid-19 pandemic. I focused on something I have not previously done in my work, where I used to delve into film scenes or virtual worlds. So I decide to record bugs and nature, an unknown world to which we do not usually pay attention. On this journey that we have embarked on, I wanted to portray what is so beautiful and unknown, the non-human and make a kind of video-anesthesia-mantra like all those podcasts such as guided meditations or pseudo-guides that we hear in hard times. Simply, take a look to something we do not usually look at.

Direction, camera, sound, edition: Ana Esteve Reig

Agres, 2020