Ana Esteve Reig


Don't believe in me, 2012

Video FHD, color, sound.

3 minutes 45 seconds

“Don´t believe in me” reflects the newer and younger generations who don´t know what trends to follow. They dress in former urban tribe styles, including punk, rock, grunge, or generation x. However, they don’t only imitate the dress code, but also the antisocial and withdrawn attitude. We find these people in a bar, a space where the ritual of drinking and talking with people who share a similar ideology. This work ponders our present society, illustrating a theatrical decadence that transports us to places where the fight for a brighter future is nowhere to be found. These young characters imitate rock-like attitudes and gestures but lack desire and enthusiasm.

Idea, direction, editing: Ana Esteve Reig
D.o.p and camera operator: Benjamin Brix
Camera assistant: Florian Seemüller
Sound: Tobias Böhm
Light: Daniel Stubenvoll
Hair and make up: Kristin Meyer
Runner: Rahel Reglin
Performers: Gülce Fitzek, Nieves de la Fuentes, Benni, Melanie Kaminski, Ines Christine Geisser, Luisa Anacker, Julia Bernhardt, Sarah Kaufhold, Vanessa, Leo Riegel, Tao Xia
Filmed and edited in Kassel, Germany
Special thanks to Mutter and Gülce Fitzek

Written, directed and produced by Ana Esteve Reig
All rights reserved © Ana Esteve Reig

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