Ana Esteve Reig


Después de Nunca Jamás/ After Neverland

Idea, direction, edition: Ana Esteve Reig

Cast/ performers: Noe Antolí and Irene Belda

Sonia Barberá Calatayud, Ester Pascual Izquierdo, Aída Sellés, Alejandro Jordá, María del Mar, Carla Calatayud Climent, Oscar, María García, Gonzalo, Claudia, Javier García, Ana Beneyto Pascual, Amparo Domínguez, Esther Domínguez, Guillem, Raquel Sevadillam Navarro, Carlos Belda

Camera oprator/ Director of photography: Pau San Miguel Juan

Lighting/ Focus Puller: Juan M. Ruiz Jornet

Camera operator/ Lighting: Aitor Balbastre Arlandis

Production: Paola Valdes Ferrandiz

Production assistant/ Costume: Laura Perez Rodenas

Music composer: Helena Gallardo

Filmed in Agres, Benidorm and Alicante, Spain.

Special thanks to Noe Antolí and Irene Belda

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Other works

My proposal seeks to portray a lifestyle that stops at the time and lives an hedonistic life style close to the utopia . Taking as reference “La Ruta del bakalao”, I create a loop of a fiction with two videos in which two characters are trapped in a place where the only thing to do is to go out. Through an arid landscape we will see a place where there are no adults, only young boys and girls who spend every day in clubs . Non-place full of freedom and away from responsibilities. What might be called as Neverland of those who refused to be young adults and wanted to be fair away from any social and political problems.

Both videos will be proyect parallel next to each other. In each twenty-four hours fiction we will see two characters who never meet. On the left is the boy, during the day he is sleeping inside her car in a parking club, he wakes up at night and makes party. On the right we have a girl sleeping on her house, at dawn she wakes up and meets some friends in an afterhour club. The videos are thought as a loop , so it means that the characters are trapped in this party world.

Driving or walking. Arid landscapes, roads and sea are the locations that scorts the stories , making a reference to those places in the Valencia coast that was the stage of a peculiar motion and hedonistic way of life. However, I decided to construct a universal fiction, making posible to imagine the story in many places or locate the fiction in a no-place, maybe the After Neverland. The characters have no evil, they are soft, reminding us the innocence of the adolescence, escaping away from the adults world. This kind of social movements remind the African tribes, becuase they met around campfire, drinked some special grass and started to dance to the beat of the drums.

I decided to make this work now because “La Ruta del Bakalao” was born in Spain in a special moment, when politic, religion or money were no more a topic to discuss. It is not a paradox to make these work right now, I think it is the right moment. This work can be read as a way to avoid facing the problems, an utopic reality, a fantasy or a superficial cultural movement. For me it has been a desire to make these work because I found the way to talk about the reality, making that a real history of the past could be considered nowadays as a fantasy or a fiction.