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Down the rabbit hole 2020

New Era (1996) 2020

La Pantalla Mágica 2018

La voz digital 2018

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El Oráculo 2016

El documental de Dalila 2016

Lessons 2015

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Olimpiadas, 2012

Don´t believe in me, 2012

Futuro Inmediato, 2012

Blancanieves, 2012

Paraísos Perdidos 2011

Bad Romance, 2010

Encierro, 2010

Duelo, 2010

La Expectativa, 2009

Haltung, 2009

Other works


Exhibition Parallele Wirklichkeiten, Kasseler Kunstverein, 2011, Kassel, Germany.

Bad Romance, 2010

3 minutes

Filmed in Agres, Spain

Idea: Ana Esteve Reig and Benjamin Brix

Camera and sound: Benjamin Brix

Edition: Ana Esteve Reig

Disasters are phenomena that affect the stability and continuity of life and produce irreversible changes. For most of them are something strange or far away. They remain in the news on TV, films or in the imagination. On this video are showed some destroyed landscapes, while a girls listens some music. This work was shot after a fire in September 2010 near the Mariola mountains in Alicante.The experience of the disaster and the wird beauty of the landscapes was a reason to portray it, but also the power and dangerous of the human nature. The fire was caused by a firefighter who was not able to work because a depression. Months later the newspappers published that it existed an interest from politics to bild something on this land.